Drum materials have changed, and the art of drumming has also changed. It is more common today to find drums made from harder woods and made to closer tolerances than ever in the past. Similarly, drum head materials have also evolved, which has resulted in drums having more sustain. This has led to more troublesome overtones, which can no longer be controlled by using the drum's internal muffler. Since manufacturers no longer build mufflers into their drums, it has become necessary to search for new solutions to the problem of annoying overtones and excess sustain. This situation led Palisso Percussion to develop the FLO-RING for those drummers who want their drums to sound great at the show and in the studio.

The material used to make the FLO-RING is what separates it from other tone control rings currently on the market. The FLO-RING is made from exceptionally thin and ultra-light drumhead material, covered on the bottom side with visco-cotton flocking. Other tone control rings lack this soft side, and have a tendency to resonate with the head and produce an audible rattling sound.  The millions of soft, spiky fibers on the bottom side of the FLO-RING act as an absorber of the minor overtones, allowing the primary tonal signal of the drum to come through brilliantly and completely, without the rustling or hissing associated with traditional polyester dampening rings. While this is especially important in studio recordings where microphones can easily pick up those unwanted and undesirable noises, using the FLO-RING in a live situation allows the drums to sound full and natural without the use of excessive audio compression.

FLO-RINGS are durable and will outlast many sets of drumheads. Their construction makes them resistant to the denting and deformations caused by accidental stick-strikes, and their lightness will not decrease the dynamics of your drums.

Give a set of FLO-RINGS a try, it's the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the sound of your drums. We are certain you will love them!