Etiudy batalistyczne francuskie

The Episodes for snare drum and pedal bass drum are written for a single performer.
The matter for the musical expression is provided by contrasting rhythms of the
two instruments. The bass drum is not used to accompany; it counterpoints the
snare drum, creating with it continually renewed patterns.

The Specific material for the Episodes consists of rhythmic combinations, different
timbres obtained from both instruments, dynamic variations and changes of

These  pieces are intended for percussionists who have achieved perfect mastery of the
bass drum pedal technique. Those who have not reached this level will find
thirty-one exercises at the beginning of the book designed wither to
familiarize them with this playing technique or to perfect it. The aim of the
exercises is to teach the player to master the bass drum pedal technique with
regard to precision as well as shading, in order to obtain perfect harmony with
the sound of the snare drum.

The preparatory exercises are mainly detailed examples of passages to be found
later in the Episodes. Each exercise is to be studied at different tempos and
dynamic levels until perfect striking precision is reached. The fingerings are
merely the author's suggestions and in no way compulsory.

Careful attention must be paid to the sound of the bass drum, in order to create
interesting contrasts with the snare drum. This sound must not be too deep; the
20"-22" bass drum will have to be slightly muffled.

Etiudy batalistyczne polskie

BATTLE STUDIES for side drum and bass drum  with footbeater are intended to be played by one performer. Their basic means of expression is rhythm. Both instruments cooperate closely - in spite of the predominant role of the side drum - and together they create specific rhythmic structures. The non-conventional use of the bass drum makes the rhythms seem
rather complicated. BATTLE STUDIES are however intended mainly for those percussion players who have sufficiently mastered the foot-beating technique of playing the bass drum (e.g. in jazz music).