About us

Adam Polachowski

Palisso Percussion company was founded in 1989 by drummer Adam Polachowski, as an effect of the wave of change that has brought    the    collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. At the beginning, the company has produced wooden sport toys and small music accessories. In the same year the International Percussion Art Festival was organized in Bydgoszcz, at which has arrived prof. John Beck - the President of the Percussive Art of Society. His numerous lectures, presentations and discussions had a huge impact on the subsequent decisions and undertaken actions by the Palisso company. During one of his presentations, John Beck was telling how long he was searching for the adequate light mallets, so finally he decided to create one, which would meet his expectations. He ended his presentation with this statement 'If you cannot find such drumstick that you are looking for, then you have to create them by yourself'. Although, in recent years many small companies that produce mainly mallets were founded to meet the drummers needs, however, the production of other types of drumsticks, such as hammers, brushes and rutes that are handmade, leaves much to be desired. The Palisso company has undertaken to fulfil this gap that is present according to the loudness and the timbre being produced by the new brushes and rutes when playing on individual percussion instruments. Our main objective was to construct entirely new products based on natural raw materials such as pre-fabricated bamboo, rattan. Today the company produces over 10 types of rutes, brushes and drumsticks that stand out not only by its ergonomic design and durability, but also by creating entirely new spectrum of the sound produced by drums and cymbals, which has not been heard yet. One of the Palisso company's priority is to create solutions and items that significantly moderate the sound of drums in the drum kit. For this reason we created in 2005 the Florings (O-Ring Flok) which radically solve the problem of the long sustain of individual drum kit. At the same time a solution for the bass drum was created, patented under the name Bassdrum Floring. This produces the medium and low tons of the bass drum eliminating the high overtones that are arising at the edge of the head surface. Relying decision on the long experience, in 2010, our company has chosen to satisfy the needs of many drummers who were not satisfied with the sound of their instruments, and has extended its offer with complex tuning of acoustic drums. This involves moderating the timbre of individual drums of the kit, to make them suit the needs of the drummer. Our company is also active in publishing and education. Palisso Edition publishes materials, method books and works that are relevant for drummers of all skill levels.