Nowadays, as the art of playing the drumset is changing, it has become necessary to search for new technical solutions that will have an impact on the sound of individual drums . Percussionists have made the producers to create such a way of hanging the tom-toms so that the corps could resonate without any, even the slightest distractions. Also, its thickness was minimized. The drumhead's producers are still working on constructing the drumhead which will eliminate all unwanted acoustic phenomena while transferring the noble sound of the drum. The new generations of single- and double-layer drumheads are being produced. They are totally or partly filled with an absorbing substance. But even the best drumheads cannot satisfy the musicians with their expected sound. What drummers complain about most frequently is the droning , rumbling and blurred sound of toms ,which is full of piping aliquot tones. Floor tom , except of succulent, low sound gives also a lot of unwanted phenomena in an acoustic range what discourages from playing. This made some drummers , who are disappointed with the sound of their drums, start searching new solutions. FLORING is the new product of Palisso Percussion made from exceptionally thin and ultra- light drumhead covered at one side with visco-cotton flock. The millions of spiky hairs have made the kind of absorber of all unwanted effects accompanying the creation of sound on individual drums. While the vibration of the drumhead the surface of floring does not produce any rustle, which is especially important at the studio recording. When using a traditional polyester o-ring type muffler you can hear a hissing sound resulting from the contact of two polyester surfaces. This phenomenon is entirely eliminated by applying the FLORING. The structure and a good memory of florings' shape makes them resistant against deformations caused by accidental strike of the stick. While playing with the use of FLORING; the phenomenon of stifling of the drums or decreasing their dynamics does not occur because the florings are very light and they vibrate together with the drumhead.

A set consists of 4 floring pieces . Fusion set: 10", 12", 14",14" snare drum Standerd set: 12", 13", 16", 14"snare drum Other combinations to be ordered individually. Palisso Percussion offers also Bass drum Floring, which is an ideal and cheap solution to improve the sound of the big drum.