Bassdrum Floring is a product of the Palisso Percussion Company. It was invented to finally solve the problem of too much sustain in the bass drum being accompanied by undesirable chattering effects. This applies to the bass drum beats in all genres of music. For many years, drummers try to find a perfect solution to their drums' sound using all kinds of home-grown inventions. For a long time, manufactures did not see the problem that individual drums in the kit are having too long sustain and that high shrill aliquots occur that assist by a sound formation. At first, drummers have focused their efforts on preparation of the bass drum by taking off the front head to eliminate excessive vibration and to increase its dynamics. Additionally, its interior was being filled with absorbing materials like cotton blankets, pillows or synthetic sponge. Finally, manufactures started to notice the problem of a too long sustain in the bass drum being accompanied by high aliquots, which are formed at the edge of the dynamic head surface. The larger the vibration surface, the higher the aliquots occur and the plane vibrates longer. Heads of a bass drum fitted with a first generation internal flooring did not fulfill the hope to eliminate the unwanted overtones, so the amount of floorings on the inner side was doubled - to two. Once again, such action did not bring the expected results. A few years ago, a new generation of heads was put on the market with built-in removable muffling rings installed on the head surface with a hoop with insert holes affixed to it. This solution was easily approved by most of the percussionists; also the drum sound has improved significantly. However, often you can meet drummers who are disappointed with the sound despite the fact they use the highest quality drumheads. Therefore, they respond quite spontaneously to the news on all new products in this field, which naturally raises the sound quality of each drum in the kit. When I bought myself a drum kit of the highest quality sound, I asked myself why there is so little sound quality-difference between this set and my 25 year-old one, in which in order to correct plenty of the manufacture's defects, I altered the harmonic content of a tunable acoustic drum to provide a desired sound. Being able to compare the two products from different times, I realized that membranes' producers are unable to create such a product today, so it will give excellent sound to my instrument while correcting these factors, which are undesirable in the sound emission and so the high shrill aliquots that unduly sustain and are not detectible for the recipient seating away in such an extent as they are for the musician. As a result of this long and arduous search we constructed the Florings which efficacy has already been confirmed by many drummers. Palisso's next step was to construct and test a solution for the bass drum called the BASSDRUM FLORING. This product is currently the cheapest and most effective solution that releases the full dynamic of the bass drum, eliminating the vast majority of adverse effects occurred during the formation of sound structure. The BASSDRUM FLORING can be installed on single or double-ply drum heads. When a drumhead is damaged, the 'control ring' can be removed and installed again on the newly purchased head. It suits best these drumheads, which have an O-ring (rim) being mounted on the edge of the inner-side. BASSDRUM FLORING can be mounted on any type of drumheads, even the ones without the inner O-ring (hoop). Floring inserted between the O-ring and the bass drumhead immediately starts to control the hoop while hitting with a beater. It absorbs the vibrations with its surface that is filled with millions of bristles sustaining only the average and the lowest tons of the drumhead. The drum is empty and resonates throughout its shell, it sounds low, respectively short, like a cannon sound, explosive. Although the upper aliquots were eliminated, the drum has not lost the natural sustain, which is currently controlled by the Floring. Jazz percussionists can muffle just one of their drumheads using the Floring to longer sustain the drum's sound. For other musicians, the manufacturer suggests installing the Floring on both drumheads. Furthermore, it is also recommended to cut off a hole for O's in the front (acoustic) drumhead with a diameter of 16 to 30cm, which will effect in a distinctively crisp sound (goblet sound). The BASSDRUM FLORING is a product being invented, designed and patented in Poland.

Bassdrum FLORING Installation Guide 1. Remove the dynamic drumhead from the bass drum, then clean the interior of dust and any trash. 2. Place the drumhead on a flat table, so the inner side is facing upwards. Then, use a moist wipe to clean the drumhead surface from dust. 3. Place few cardboard pads between the drumhead and the O-ring (hoop) for easier insertion of the Floring (fluffy side to the drumhead). 4. When the Floring is exactly positioned under the O-ring, prepare the fixing points (adhesives), which are double-sided tapes. 5. Remove the foil from one side of the adhesive and put it at the end of the blade. Then remove the foil from the other side of the sticker. Gently bend the O-ring, using a finger or a cardboard pad; slide the blade with the adhesive into the gap, as far as possible; subsequently gently press the O-ring in the adhesive area; then take out the blade. 6. Note: you should stick the Floring to the drumhead starting from the highest place (clockwise rule) 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3. At least tree fixing points (9.30, 12, 2.30) should be used. Five fixing points (eg.: 9, 10.30, 12, 1.30, 3) will be enough. It is not necessary to fix the lower part of the drumhead. 7. Three steps to install the Floring on the drumheads of old type without the inner O-rings on edges: 1. Place the drumhead on a flat table with the inner side up; 2. Clean it from dust. 3. Put the Basdrum Floring evenly on the round surface with the fluffy side up to the drumhead, so the distance from the edge will be the same. 8. Remove the foil from one side of the adhesive and stick half of it on the outside of the floring and the other half on the drumhead. The fixing points should be arranged according to the clock digits - a minimum of 8 to 12. In order to increase the adhesion of the Floring it is recommended to fix it at the inner side using few adhesives - eg. 4 to 6 adhesive points - but only in the upper part. The same steps should be taken when installing it on the front (acoustic) drumhead. The manufacturer recommends to use the product with the drumheads with the inner hoop, such as: Remo UT, XT, Powerstroke 3 Evans EQ 1,2,3,4, Aquarian-FB or TCFB.