Cezary Konrad

Finally the world quality rute are avaiable now... the handle reminds of the tennis
racquet grip. They are very predictable, feel good in the hands.   I can't think of playing something different. Who tried once, will always stay with palisso percussuion.

Heinz von Moisy

A great brush kombi-soft created by Palisso Percussion is available now.  It is made from bamboo with a very solid handle that could be used for tom tom work. The bamboo bristles give a very good rebound for roll and paradiddle passages, that is better than that of regular brushes. Sliding movements on the snare produce a sharp, clear sound. The cymbal sound comes out real clear. A rubber ring enables one to use a different spread of the bristles. KOMBI SOFT fills the gap between regular brushes and ruten and is a welcome addition to
the drummer's beater collection.

Heinz von Moisy

John Beck

The wood sticks and brushes made by Palisso Percussion are well made and produce an articulate sound on drums and cymbals. They feel good in the hand and are an excellent addictim to the snare drum stick and wire brushes.